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Know about Oxyzenfin Private Limited

Oxyzenfin Private Limited, is a registered trademark company, established in 2006. We are a Direct services & Online Family investment Account Management company based in India, offering an automated goal-based investing service to almost anyone from professionals to beginners.

Our goal at OFAS is to make it easy for anyone to get access to best in class & user friendly investment management platform without strict account minimums and high fee structures saving them money, time and frustration.

At OFAS, we start by understanding our customer's needs and letting them chose a risk level (with a clear guidance from us from the beginning).

We recommend our customers a diversified portfolio of several asset classes, tailored for their risk level and time horizon. Our customers can either create their own portfolios in a hassle-free platform, or pick from our recommended investment products (tailored to their profile).

We simply manage the rest through an expert professional management team while providing our customers a total-transparent platform to observe and manage their investments.

Our jargon-free approach and guidance makes our customer's life easier, as they can monitor the portfolio progress in the simplest way.

Meaning of our Brand - OxyZen

Oxy - Short form of Oxygen – The Most Important the life-supporting component of the air. Element for Life.

Zen in Sanskrit means “Dhyanam”, Zen Buddhism is a practice that needs to be experienced. Step by Step Process

OxyZen – Attain Financial Prosperity (important element, The Journey towards wealth Destination) by a Disciplined Approach, Behaviour & Practice (Right Patience & Choose precise Investment Vehicles)

Welcome to the world of Investments!!

Let the Journey Begin.

Our Team

Ashok Patel

Around 40 years experience in Finance Role.

Mala Menon

Around 12 years experience in IT and Programming Field.

Bharti Paras Patel

(Branch Operations Manager)
She has a work experience of 10 years with skills in Accounting, Operations & Software Management.


Madhu Menon, BBA, PGDBM

(Chief Executive)
He has around 20 years experience including 6.5 years of Entrepreneurship Venture with major roles & Responsibilities held: Investment Management, Investment Services, Managing Profit Centre, Business Development, New Product Launch, Channel Management, Alternate Channel Drive, Corporate Relationships, Portfolio Building, Global Credit Card Retail Foreign Exchange Sales, Team Building, Estate Management & Equity Stock Analysis.

Mr. Biren Prajapati

He joins us with Financial Service Domain, an MBA from NICM.
He has in previous assignments handled personal finance and has demonstrated a process driven approach to guide for solutions.
He's the reasuere, hand holder, guidance counselor in your personal Finance journey.

Mr. Dheeraj Prajapati

(Customer Delight Executive - Ahmedabad Registered Office)
Dheeraj is a BSC- Maths, with A Good Years Work Experience in Store & Data management. He likes Playing Cricket & Travelling.
He is responsible for CRM and Office Administration.


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(079) 40033567


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