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Oxyzenfin assists you in building wealth effortlessly, thereby simplifying your financial life and alleviating any concerns.
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Mr. Randhir Patel, UK

As an NRI I was skeptical about working with institutions in India where nothing is straightforward like in UK or USA, where Trust is important. However, Oxyzen were very different. They have given me honest, clear and impartial advice, taken very good care of my finances and their staff are very very efficient. They respond quickly and have dealt with any issues when dealing with Public bodies. I am thoroughly satisfied with them and will recommend them anytime

Mr. Mitul Brahmbhatt, Mumbai

Oxyzen delivers tailored, personalized services. not canned packages. They helped me to rethink and realign my approach towards my Investments according to my needs".

CA CMA Rahul Shah, Ahmedabad

Hi Madhu, You and your team are really passionate about what you all are doing. The platform prepared by you will help clients not only today but for the years to come. Apart from the online platform; personal interaction with clients is also worth appreciating. Wish you and your team a great success. Regards,

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Established with the vision of securing your financial future, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive financial solutions that cater to your unique financial goals and aspirations.

There are two primary ways of investing in a mutual fund - Lumpsum (One Time Investment) and SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
Lumpsum Investment: A lumpsum investment is a one-time investment made by an investor when he is looking to invest a certain amount of money at once.
SIP: A SIP (systematic investment plan) is a recurring investment made by an investor in the same scheme at regular intervals (monthly, weekly, etc.).

When investments are made under the - growth option, the payout is made only at the time of redemption of units. Growth schemes do not yield any short term income as all the money invested continues to be invested and compounds until redeemed.
Oxy - Short form of Oxygen – The Most Important the life-supporting component of the air. Element for Life. Zen in Sanskrit means “Dhyanam”, Zen Buddhism is a practice that needs to be experienced. Step by Step Process. OxyZen – Attain Financial Prosperity (important element, The Journey towards wealth Destination) by a Disciplined Approach, Behaviour & Practice (Right Patience & Choose precise Investment Vehicles).
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